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<your background>
1.Q Tell me about the first time you can remember being thrilled.
1.A as a kid on a helter skelter.

2.Q What's been your most frightening thrill ever?
2.A parachuting from an aircraft alone.

3.Q What's the smallest or slightest thing to have thrilled you?
3.A being in a lift with a stranger, the touch of silk, milk, sun on my skin.

4.Q Tell me why you're not a sensible person.
4.A see above.

5.Q What were you doing the last time you were really bored?
5.A eating chocolate.

6.Q What's the most uninhibited thing you've ever done?
6.A oh god there's so many....probably fucking (on a busy) Gatwick Express.

7.Q What things have you considered doing for thrill, but were too concerned about the risks?
7.A heavy drugs.

8.Q I always dreamt about being a paramedic, driving an ambulance and saving lives; what about you?
8.A ??

<your thrill>
To answer these next 14 questions, you should think about a particular time you were thrilled.

9.Q Describe this thrill in a nutshell, in one sentence. (there's time to expand later)
9.A Ménage a trois

10.Q Where and when did it take place?
10.A London flat, 1986

11.Q Tell me a bit about yourself around this time.
11.A just married, permanently horny and a risk taker

12.Q How did the moment arise? Was it planned?
12.A no, at least not overtly

13.Q List the sequence of events leading up to your thrill, and how you felt at each stage. The smallest detail could be important (this is your chance to expand).
13.A we were drinking: me, him and her, consoling her after a break up. we went back to the one bedroom beautiful apartment, overlooking the city and started to play..

14.Q At the exact moment of thrill, how did your mind and body feel?
14.A like every sense was stimulated, like every fibre of my body was involved, like my mind was filled to capacity, like I'd been waiting all my life for this moment

15.Q What thoughts were going through your mind?
15.A not so much thoughts as sensations...of sensual, sexual pleasure

16.Q What did you do immediately afterwards?
16.A slept

17.Q What were the most likely things that could have put you off going through with it?
17.A almost nothing, apart from someone else arriving - it was about us three not group sex

18.Q How were other people important to your thrill?
18.A they were, at the time two people I was intimately entwined with emotionally.

19.Q What do you imagine other people were thinking throughout your thrilling episode?
Husband :"Fuck I'm so lucky" Her: "I can't believe I'm doing this.."

20.Q Some people probably don't understand how such a thing can thrill you; could you explain it to them?
20.A Its not about the act its about the combination of people (like with any sex). Sometimes an experience is thrilling because of the time, the place, the psychological and physiological state of the people involved, and of course, the amount of alcohol consumed

21.Q Why were certain objects or equipment important to your thrill?
21.A they were not. But good champagne helped the ambience, as did being in the centre of London, overlooking busy streets, possibly observable

22.Q If you've done something like this before, how does the last time compare to the first time you did it?
22.A this was the first - subsequent re-runs did not compare

23.Q If you did it again, what things could be added or changed to make it even better?
23.A I wouldn't. I am old and restrained now and would worry about consequences, a word that didn't figure in my life at that time

Is there anything you want to add?




what do you find thrilling?