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1.Q Tell me about the first time you remember being thrilled.
1.A I think the first time I was thrilled was when I was 5 and put on roller-skates that took off by themselves because the house slanted. Scary too.
2.Q What’s the slightest thing to have thrilled you?
2.A Fixing a hole in the floor by myself after years of not being able to do much for myself.
3.Q What’s the most frightening yet thrilling thing you’ve done?
3.A Walking 3000 miles and at 60 painting a house for the first time. It is a two-story house with attic. There I was with long green skirt, a tee shirt, barefooted and painting the attic part.
4.Q Tell me why you’re not completely sensible.
4.A It would be too much trouble to be sensible. I prefer relaxed and doing things my way.
5.Q What’s the most uninhibited thing you’ve ever done?
5.A When raising the kids I hauled cordwood in the buff for our wood stove. We lived in the north woods without electricity or running water.
6.Q What have you considered doing for pleasure but were too concerned about the risks?
6.A Sex.


  <your thrill>
7.Q Describe the event in one sentence (there’s time to expand later)
7.A Home birthing my baby.
8.Q Tell me a bit about yourself around this time.
8.A I had had two sons who had died with hospitals and doctors. Then I had one son where the doctor didn't show up at the hospital until after the baby was born. So my first daughter I had at home right after watching a Shirley Temple movie and during the news. Serena Kristmas was born weighing 4 1/2 pounds. Good nest cuddled up to mom watching over her.
9.Q List the sequence of events leading up to your thrill. Try to remember how you felt at each stage. The smallest detail could be important (this is your chance to expand).
9.A Remembering how I felt at each stage is exactly what I don't want to do. The thrill is in the memory, even better since we don't clearly remember the fear and pain. But I do remember my 16-month-old baby coming over and laying his head next to mine every time I moaned. Best pain pill there is is love.
10.Q What were your thoughts and feelings at the precise moment of thrill?

Shear ecstasy when you hold the new babe in your arms for the first time. No words can describe the overwhelming joy. This is heaven. Father shared the joy, as he was the midwife.

It was so good we did it again with our second girl only this time I was standing up. Standing is the only way. Less pain and gravity can do the work.

11.Q What did you do afterwards?
11.A Smiled, nursed and slept for weeks while my 16-month waited on me by bringing me the diapers and food that my husband fixed and left in the refrigerator.
12.Q What were the risks?
12.A There are few risks and we lived only 6 blocks from a hospital. The worst is death and having lost 2 boys it was a scary time with each child no matter where I would have been.
13.Q What did you imagine other people thought of you during and after the event?
13.A I have never really cared what other people thought. I have always been eccentric and done my own thing. Like wearing pink and red to school. Back in my day red and pink together was a NO NO.
14.Q How often do you think about the event, and why?
14.A I have 4 wonderful children to keep me reminded. They were easy to raise and I am proud of them. I guess one thrill would be that my oldest son had been diagnosed with Autism and he graduated Suma Cum Laude. I home schooled the kids until they were well ahead of the school system.
15.Q Some people probably don’t understand how such a thing can thrill you; explain it to them.
15.A Life is thrilling. Raising children is a joy. Mine or anyone’s kids would do. To have children and raise them is to see the world from many untainted views.
16.Q What three changes could have made the experience better, and why?
16.A There is not one thing that could make life any better. Now. For years it was a difficult life. Children made it better and easier to live through until I matured and could do it on my own. Where else can you get such undemanding demanding pure untainted love?
  Is there anything you want to add?
  Yes. Thank you. I wish to hear from you on how your project turns out and my question to you is what subjects are you taking? What are you going to be doing after College? Why did you choose that line?
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