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  <your background>
1.Q Tell me about the first time you remember being thrilled.
1.A Probably when I went to London on a weeks holiday aged 3 and a half. My dad took me round all the big museums and places of interest. I loved every minute of it. Especially the dinosaurs in the Natural History and the squirrels in St James Park. I loved all of it, the smell, the buildings, EVERYTHING. My little head was buzzing.
2.Q What’s the slightest thing to have thrilled you?
2.A Beautiful sunsets and sunrises, cloud formations, having to go out in sleety rain, reading a good book, cup of tea in bed, watching the cat sleep and this morning it was opening the advent calendar!
3.Q What’s the most frightening yet thrilling thing you’ve done?
3.A I did an abseil for charity that went wrong, and I was left hanging by my hair for about half an hour! It all worked out OK, and I was remarkably calm. I think a few people were put off, but it didn’t stop me from doing more. I also went with a friend and her father on a pleasure flight along the Menai Straights in Wales. I sat in the front and half way thru the trip, the pilot took his hands off the joystick and let me take over the steering. I was only 14!
4.Q Tell me why you’re not completely sensible.
4.A Erm…where to begin. I don’t have a credit card, no desire to have kids, I gave up a 15K/year job, I smoke and enjoy it, I shout at the TV, I wear purple now instead of waiting till I get old, I love rollercoaster’s and candyfloss, I love the smell of dogs ears and puppy breath and consider myself to have certain childlike qualities. I’m not childish or anything, I just think I haven’t grown up yet.
5.Q What’s the most uninhibited thing you’ve ever done?
5.A I ‘mooned’ once from a Landrover window. I’m quite shy
6.Q What have you considered doing for pleasure but were too concerned about the risks?
6.A It’s not risks that stop me from doing things, it’s time and money. I’d be on the next rocket off the planet if it were possible.


  <your thrill>
7.Q Describe the event in one sentence (there’s time to expand later)
7.A The day I realised religion wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.
8.Q Tell me a bit about yourself around this time.
8.A I was 27 years old. Separated from my husband and living with my new partner. I’d had a termination and was very unhappy at work. I’d always considered myself a Christian, but something wasn’t right. My mind set and those of other Christians I knew were nothing like each other. I began to question and got no answers, so I asked outside the Christian community and got plenty.
9.Q List the sequence of events leading up to your thrill. Try to remember how you felt at each stage. The smallest detail could be important (this is your chance to expand).

As I said earlier, I’d always considered myself a ‘christian’, all my life up to about 27 years old. I hadn’t been a goody 2 shoes by any stretch of ones imagination. In fact quite the opposite on occasion! Then I read ‘The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail’, and certain things fell into place. I’d had this particular book for many years, but never got round to reading it. I tried, but always put it down. When I did finally read it, I couldn’t put it down.. It was so well written and researched that I thought to myself these people need to be considered seriously! They’re intelligent and have some very good evidence that suggests what I’m being told in church isn’t really all that kosher (pardon the pun!).

I guess I experienced a reverse of Saul’s conversion. The scales fell from my eyes and I realised the church, from my point of view, was a big fat lie. Everything I’d been brought up to believe was true didn’t make sense anymore. It was a gradual process, something this big, effectively my whole way of life, was being brought into question. I did have a ‘see the light’ moment when I thought ‘Oh f**k it’s all too much what am I going to do’. I felt very let down and critical towards the church.

I don’t have a problem with people’s beliefs and faiths, but I do have a problem when lies are told just for control. It was quite worrying at first, but when I’d sorted things out in my head, I realised I was probably more spiritual and had a better understanding of the actual nature of religion, not necessarily the faith aspect.

10.Q What were your thoughts and feelings at the precise moment of thrill?
10.A Scared, elated, sad, angry. I had a moment when I seemed to ‘see’ everything as it truly is. That was quite awesome. The information seemed to metaphorically enter my left eye (my left ‘minds eye’ if you like) and hit the back of my head with a flash of light.
11.Q What did you do afterwards?
11.A Probably had a smoke and a cup of tea.
12.Q What were the risks?
12.A Of smoking? Plenty…smelly clothes, no cash, but there was no real risk with my change in thought pattern. I guess the risks were I could have got lost in worrying, but it wasn’t like that. I went from strength to strength. I guess other Christians would say I’d be going straight to hell, but that’s never bothered me. Look at this world and we’re almost there now.
13.Q What did you imagine other people thought of you during and after the event?
13.A The events didn’t really concern any one else only me. My parents were rather upset about my change in attitude, but as I say it wasn’t the individuals and their faith I had a problem with, it was the church…ANY church.
14.Q How often do you think about the event, and why?
14.A Quite often, but not in any detail. I can still remember the minds eye incident very clearly.
15.Q Some people probably don’t understand how such a thing can thrill you; explain it to them.
15.A The thrill came from the realisation there was more to life and what is physically there for us to see than I ever had experienced before. What greater thrill is there than the truth?
16.Q What three changes could have made the experience better, and why?
16.A None. It wouldn’t be the same experience if I changed anything.
  Is there anything you want to add?
  I enjoyed filling this in, it was quite thought provoking. Hope you don’t think I’m a religious/anti religious nut. It has nothing to do with religion as such, it’s more the truth I’m interested in. Also, I hope I didn’t go on too much.
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