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1.Q Tell me about the first time you remember being thrilled.
1.A Going to Blackpool Pleasure Beach when I was little- the feeling in the pit of my stomach as we walked toward the park- hearing people screaming on the rollercoaster…
2.Q What’s the slightest thing to have thrilled you?
2.A The sight of a Pug Dog. Always gives me that little start of excitement
3.Q What’s the most frightening yet thrilling thing you’ve done?
3.A Going to the now-defunct House of Horrors in the theme park on the mountain at Barcelona. It’s designed like a huge barrel with a devil's head vomiting over it. Very atmospheric setups inside and Spanish actors running around waving chainsaws and grabbing at you from behind curtains. Horrifying. It was just too scary. As we were leaving an actor ran up waving a knife and I turned on him and shouted “Enough already!”
4.Q Tell me why you’re not completely sensible.
4.A Because illicit thrills are just too tempting. As long as no one gets harmed, what the hell?
5.Q What’s the most uninhibited thing you’ve ever done?
5.A It would have to be after I’d downed a good number of Old Peculiers. And I didn’t remember the aftermath. I don’t do more than a couple now!
6.Q What have you considered doing for pleasure but were too concerned about the risks?
6.A I’m pretty inhibited. Skinny dipping as a teenager?


  <your thrill>
7.Q Describe the event in one sentence (there’s time to expand later)
7.A Going up to a cable car ride in a rusty old glass elevator in Barcelona
8.Q Tell me a bit about yourself around this time.

I was there with a friend from work. We were supposed to be working, really. But I was v. excited that I got to go on the trip at all- it was only because none of the rest of the company were free then. Like an unexpected holiday.

9.Q List the sequence of events leading up to your thrill. Try to remember how you felt at each stage. The smallest detail could be important (this is your chance to expand).
9.A I knew the cable car might be kind of scary, but was looking forward to it. I just didn’t anticipate how we would get up there. The walk to the tower was WAY farther than we expected- we were both tired out when we got there. It looked horrifying when we reached it, but a) we didn’t want to chicken out and b) we were too knackered to walk back.
10.Q What were your thoughts and feelings at the precise moment of thrill?
10.A Primal fear- and such déjà vu, because I’ve had scary dreams where I had this kind of experience! I went cold, my hands were sweating- we were rising farther and farther from the ground, and the whole structure looked totally unsafe. I hated it. But it was such a strong feeling, which was exciting.
11.Q What did you do afterwards?

Sat in the cable car panting in terror. Felt absolutely wiped out after all the adrenaline coursing through me. Couldn’t really talk.

12.Q What were the risks?
12.A None, I suppose. The whole thing could have come crashing down, but that’s pretty unlikely.
13.Q What did you imagine other people thought of you during and after the event?
13.A I should think my friend thought I was being kind of a drama queen. But didn’t really care at that point. Felt quite close to him afterwards, as I felt that we’d shared this weird moment- and I’m not used to showing my deeper emotions in that way. Nervous he would find this strange.
14.Q How often do you think about the event, and why?

Hardly ever now, unless I have another dream where I’m shooting out of control on a lift or rollercoaster, then I think about it when I wake up. The whole thing felt like a waking dream.

15.Q Some people probably don’t understand how such a thing can thrill you; explain it to them.

I think most people would have felt nervous at least. Fear of heights is pretty common. It was really the déjà vu which kicked it into high gear.

16.Q What three changes could have made the experience better, and why?
16.A Hmmm. Being stoned. Being drunk.. Being with someone I had a huge crush on.
  Is there anything you want to add?

Keep the thrills coming, baby. Try and incorporate sharks into your work whenever possible. Have you seen Deep Blue Sea or the Jaws movies? Some very thrilling sequences there...

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