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1.Q Tell me about the first time you remember being thrilled.
1.A Well, unfortunately it took me a really long time to recall when I was thrilled. But then after a while few incidents did come up that I could categorize them under this heading. So, the thrill experience that I remember would be when I was twelve.
2.Q What’s the slightest thing to have thrilled you?
2.A Even a slight comment by a teacher on my work thrills me. And also examination papers.
3.Q What’s the most frightening yet thrilling thing you’ve done?
3.A Giving a dance performance on stage.
4.Q Tell me why you’re not completely sensible.
4.A Well at times things happen so soon in a blink of an eye, that time does not wait for your sensibility.
5.Q What’s the most uninhibited thing you’ve ever done?
5.A [no answer]
6.Q What have you considered doing for pleasure but were too concerned about the risks?
6.A I have a deep desire of calling spirits. But then risks are always involved to cast spells or call spirits.


  <your thrill>
7.Q Describe the event in one sentence (there’s time to expand later)
7.A Static but adventurous.
8.Q Tell me a bit about yourself around this time.
8.A I got hyper with the horror of visualizing myself under thick ice, the way they show it in the movies. I was excited too because never before such an event had occurred.
9.Q List the sequence of events leading up to your thrill. Try to remember how you felt at each stage. The smallest detail could be important (this is your chance to expand).

Me & my parents went to Kashmir to spend our summer vacations. Out of anxiety to see snow, we went to a really high tourist spot where we fortunately found glaciers. My dad has a passion for photography, so as usual he told me to give a good pose on one of the glaciers. I enthusiast Ely stood there and after a while I realized the glacier all of sudden cracked & one of my foot started sinking in it.

For me it was frightening, but ironically speaking for my dad it was an amazing masterpiece shot. He very calmly stood there ordering me to stay still. And I couldn’t stop screaming at my dad for not helping me out. One of the natives of that area came out running towards me & then my dad realized that it could have been a bit dangerous. But it was indeed a very hilarious scene with one of legs inside the glaciers & the other on the ground. It was both hilarious & thrilling.

10.Q What were your thoughts and feelings at the precise moment of thrill?
10.A “My life was at stake” and my dad was enjoying his photo shoot –these were the exact sentences that were going in my mind. I was, obviously very furious with my dad & people started noticing me. Soon, I was becoming a centre of attraction.
11.Q What did you do afterwards?
11.A I yelled at my dad & didn’t speak to him for almost an hour.
12.Q What were the risks?
12.A There were no risks since I couldn’t have gone anymore deeper because level of the ice was low. And after this I was pampered for an entire week by my dad.
13.Q What did you imagine other people thought of you during and after the event?

For them it was pretty hilarious. I guess others had a gala time to see a little girl creating a scene.

After my dad helped me out, we immediately left and thus I was not there to see the later reaction of the people.

14.Q How often do you think about the event, and why?
14.A Whenever I see glaciers, I’m reminded of the moment.
After all, who can forget the thrilling experiences of their lives?
15.Q Some people probably don’t understand how such a thing can thrill you; explain it to them.
15.A “Step into my shoes”.
16.Q What three changes could have made the experience better, and why?
16.A Well maybe if I could have gone a little bit more deeper into the ice & my dad could have taken the pic with his camera, the whole experience would have been just amazing & shocking. And off course it would have resulted to a masterpiece photograph.
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