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In a nutshell
Have you ever delighted at the brush of a stranger’s hand on the train, been elated by completing a ship-in-a-bottle, had a buzz from driving a tractor recklessly around a field, got high from shoplifting knickers, or stood in awe at the edge of the Grand Canyon?

chromo11 is a project which aims to uncover the complex psychological factors which underpin your thrilling experiences. chromo11 is a resource for artists, designers and writers who want to create their own thrilling experiences. chromo11 is also a site for anyone who wants to be entertained by the many wonderful ways different people can be thrilled. You never know, you might learn something new.

You can help
chromo11 would like to interview you about your experiences. Just click anywhere you see BE INTERVIEWED and you'll be asked 16 questions that get to the bottom of your thrilling experiences.
chromo11 proudly presents The Taxonomy of Thrill and Thrilling Designs. [more]



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